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Travelling light. Tips and paranoia.


I’m terrible at packing. I love travelling and I love organazing, but packing is something that goes beyond my organization skills. I blame the weather: there are so many pieces of my wardrobe that I just can’t wear here, that every time I travel I need to take them with me and show them around. It’s my only chance! I also have to admit that I’m a little bit paranoic and anxious so I just can’t help but thinking about all the possible scenarios. What if? Yep. That’s the infamous question.
As you read this we will be travelling to Dublin (yaaaay!!!) taking just one trolley with us. Each. I mean, one trolley for two people… that’s not even possible, right? We are only staying for the weekend so I’ve tried my best to stop thinking about possible indian summers, floods, sudden invitations to an Embassy or unexpected trips to the spa (just to name a few of the things that come to my mind when packing). I think this time I got it right. The suitcase weighs just 8,5 kilos!!! That leaves 1,5 kilos for shopping ;) I documented the process and here you have my tips.

1. Choose your shoes. I always start here. It’s important to feel comfortable but pretty, so for me shoes are the main ingredient in the recipe. It’s here where I go all crazy and take all my loafers and ballerinas, plus my always faithful white Converse, plus a pair of boots (the floods, remember?) plus any fancy heels that I never wear because they make me want to cry. Not this time!!! I’ve decided to take my new black chelsea boots and a pair of black Converse.
2. Choose a colour palette for your clothes. This time I’m going for black and grey because I’ve chosen those black chelsea boots. If you stick to a colour palette, you will be able to combine all the clothes that you bring with you. Sometimes you choose an outfit for a special occasion at home, but once in your destination it doesn’t feel right. Well, if you can combine all the pieces you have in your suitcase, that problem is solved. In the picture: Maje skirt, black Zara jeans, Maje sweatshirt and blouse and H&M print sweater.
3. The bag. If you have followed the first two tips, this one is more that obvious. For me the problem is that I always wear huge bags and when travelling that’s not very good for my back. You normally spend all the day out and about and you just can’t wear your home with you the whole day. Otherwise you will finished your trip feeling like the hunchback of Notre Dame. So this time I’ve chosen this little number from H&M (an obvious replica of this bag, I know). It’s super cute and I can take my purse, my smartphone and a couple of Bandaids (What if? strikes again). I’m lucky because P. always carries the camera, so… no need for a bigger purse :) In the accessories department just an old grey scarf (sticking to the colour palette), my new grey cup from the H&M men section, my watch and a Cruciani bracelet. A little pop of colour in my otherwise kind of monochromatic suitcase.
4. Pack flat or roll? I have no idea. I just try to keep things tidy. Pretending you are playing Tetris is quite helpful too. I like to pack everything in little bags, it helps to find exactly what you are looking for and it looks nicer too. I love this cute little bag for my underwear. I got it from Anna Cadore in my recent visit to Bassano del Grappa.
5. Vanity case: things can be difficult in this department. The mantra has to be: travel sizes. This time we are bringing these cute products from Granado Brasil. You can also use little travel containers to take your moisturizer, skin toner etc. Ours are from Muji. Obviously, travelling is not the time to scrub, apply face masks or try new treatments (no, not even if you find them in travel size). I must admit that sometimes I’ve taken with me some new face or hair mask that I wanted to try, thinking that on holidays or getaways I will have more me-time, but they never leave the suitcase. So just basics, please.
6. Let’s talk about make-up. Again, basics. This time I’m taking with me my L’Oreal BB cream (easier to apply than foundation, gives also a more natural look), my eye brow pencil and Anastasia beverly Hills clear brow gel (I just have to do my eyebrows every day. Sorry. These are basics for me! I normally use this Clarins palette, but I never take it with me when travelling), my Touch Eclat, some earth tones eye shadows, my favorite eye liner and mascara, a blush and two lipsticks (a red one for night looks and a ligh pink for day looks). No brushes, I’ll use my clean fingers to apply the products.

7. Tech paraphernalia: smartphone, its charger and tiny headphones. Yep, that’s all. P. carries everything else ;) Oh well, we will take turns. Let’s add the Ipad mini (and charger) and of course, our camera to take lots of pictures!

What do you think? Did I pack too much? I hope you find my tips helpful. I also hope you leave your tips in the comment section, I would love to learn a few tricks!

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!

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