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New shoes

flatsGreat news! It seems that this season flats are trendy! So for us, lazy dressers, congratulations are in order! We have put together a nice selection of flats for you. You can use it as an inspiration, maybe?
1. Wear yellow slippers to bright up your Autumn outfits.
2. Bold and charming. Blue ballerinas by Repetto.
3. Nothing better than velvet for an elegant yet comfy night out. Or to dress up an office look. These are designed by Ferragamo.
4. For the perfect LBD look, rockstud noir ballerinas. Valentino, of course.
5. You need these shoes. Really. Classic Tod’s leather loafers. You can wear it with almost everything.
But wait! There is more!

BootsSince in this climate we can’t even dream of wearing such cute ballerinas or cool loafers, we have pick up some really nice booties. What do you think?
1. Isabel Marant always gets it right. Wonderful boots to wear all day, every day.
2. Animal print. I love it.
3. A couple of seasons ago these were a hit … but they still are! This grey shade is so beautiful.
4. Biker boots are a must. Every year. I know, I know, these ones are way too pricey. But we are talking about inspiration here, no?
5. Another big classic: the Chelsea boots. Alexa Chung would be proud of you.

PS: The boots and coats we truly want to wear this Winter, the color you should wear this season and Sandro’s Autumn/Winter Pré-collection.


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