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Castell Son Claret, Mallorca

I write you from my sofa, totally sick and exhausted. Cold weather arrived suddenly and knocked me down. And I’m afraid P. is following my steps… Stressed with tons of work to do and feeling under the weather, we’ve been dreaming (again) with warmer temperatures and lovely places to escape from this hard week/weather/country. We’ve discovered this amazing hotel, surrounded by the breathtaking landscape of the Tramuntana Mountains in Mallorca. Silence, nature, relax… This wonderful placed is called Castell Son Claret.

castellsonclaret_3We can pictured ourselves by the pool… Maybe it would be too cold for a swim, but certainly it would be the perfect setting for a relaxing day, reading and enjoying the last warm rays of sunlight before the Autumn comes to Mallorca.
castellsonclaret_7Warm, light interiors create and elegant and peaceful atmosphere in the rooms. Well, I don’t think we would spend much time indoors… Look at those gardens…
castellsonclaret_2I can’t think of a better place to enjoy the last warm days and the first crispy mornings of the season. It would be amazing to get lost in the pathways scattered through the estate or even make a tour on the hotel bicycles.
Castell Son Claret offers great cuisine too. Restaurant Zaranda, awarded with one-Michelin Star and lead by the chef Fernando Pérez Llano, offers a delightful and unique dishes based on home-grown produce matched with carefully selected ingredients and herbs. Restaurant Olivera, on the other hand, offers special breakfasts and light Mediterranean dishes. Oh, and they have an onsite bakery too. Heaven.

Oh well, we will keep on dreaming. Now I have to go, my tea and paracetamol are waiting for me…

PS: another breathtaking hotel in Mallorca plus a fantastic urban retreat and the best cocas in Palma de Pallorca.


  1. I love it when old crumbling architecture is transformed and put to a good use. New hotels cannot compare with the spirit of these historical places. Looks like the gardens are as magical as the hotel itself. Suddenly, I´m tempted by the idea of a nice autumn vacation in relatively tourist free Mallorca. Thanks for a great tip! Adam

    • Thanks for yoru comment! If you finally go for a tourist free Autumn vacation in Mallorca you should really try the restaurant Ca na Toneta, in Caimari, and La Coqueria, in Santa Catalina’s Market in Palma.

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