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Fashion role models

Some days ago I was reading this paragraph in Closer, the second book of Scott Schumann, The sartorialist, where the author talks about fashion role models. He explains how we should find style icons or style references with a similar body shape to ours. It totally makes sense: that way we can get inspired by the cuts, fabrics and pieces he/she uses to emphasize his/her body shape in order to look at his/her best. So I started thinking about it (and I’m still thinking about it today).

Is there any famous actress/celebrity/singer/anyone with a body shape that I can identify with? (Please notice that I’ve avoided the models, because, well, they are like unicorns, beautiful unique creatures not like us mortals). The truth is that I haven’t found it… I’m quite small and weigh five kilos more than I should. But I don’t consider myself fat. I can easily find clothes that fit in every store, they just don’t look as good as they look on skinnier taller girls. In a world where all the role models are skinny or voluptuous, my chubby-girl-of-the-next-door kind of body does not fit. Even in the Almighty Internet there aren’t any chubby-girl-of-the-next-door kind of bloggers. What I’m trying to say is that the world is getting so homogeneous that it seems there are just two or three body types! Unfortunately, mine is not one of them. It will be fantastic to find someone with a similar figure and a great sense of style to look up to. It will be such an inspiration! Any ideas?
Just one last thing: I have chosen the picture you can see above because it appears on Closer and also because when Mr. Schumann posted this photo on his blog it created quite a debate. The girl was considered curvy by some people, “normal” by others…  The discussion was focused on her legs mostly and I was quite surprised because my calves look a lot like hers! I practised ballet for a long time and well… that was the legacy it left: super strong calves. Why not super long elegant legs? Why? Oh, well, the story of my life…

Image and story via The Sartorialist.

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