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Rainy Sunday Sandwich


Imagine this: Sunday afternoon. It’s raining and you are at home. Autumn is around the corner and you can feel it. You curl up under the blanket on the sofa. Soon you will turn on the heating, but not today, it’s too soon. You have lots of new books to read. And you want something sweet, comforting and naughty. You have gone three times to the gym this week. You deserve it… This is exactly what you need. Our Rainy Sunday Sandwich.
This is what you need:
50 gr. dark chocolate. I used this one, but any good fondant chocolate will do
2 brioche slices
1 spoon of milk
12,5 gr. butter
1 egg
A little bit of powder sugar for decorating
The recipe couldn’t be easier:
1. Stir the egg, add the spoon of milk and stir a little bit more.
2. Put the butter in a pan and let it melt slowly.
3. in the meantime, make a nice chocolate sandwich with the slices of brioche and the chocolate, obviously.
4. Dip the sandwich in the milk and egg mix that you’ve made (step one). Be sure it gets really soaked.
5. Carefully brown the sandwich in the pan with the melted butter. Two or three minutes each side will be enough.
6. Once the sandwich is almost golden and the chocolate is melted, let it rest for a few seconds on kitchen paper, so that it absorbs the extra butter.
7. Sprinkle some powder sugar and some more chocolate and eat while it’s hot!
8. If you have attented a horrible step pro class in the gym that morning, you can serve your rich decadent Rainy Sunday Sandwich with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. But just one.

Of course, if you have company, just double the ingredients and you will have a naughty afternoon snack for two. Warning: this sandwich is THE BOMB.


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