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Weekend style icons: Blair

Hello there! Time for our little Friday talk! How was your week? Mine was not so nice. Lately it’s all I can say but, well, it’s true. Anyway, the weekend is finally here and we have a very busy schedule: we have to organize our closet. Yeah… such fun. But no, we really need it. It’s time to grab our sweaters and coats again and say goodbye to dresses and shorts. We are even going to IKEA to buy some nice boxes and all those little items they have to create the perfect flawless closet. Let’s see what we can do… and I really enjoy having a clean tidy home so I’m looking forward to it!
Back to our weekly Friday inspiration! This weekend we are loving Blair’s style. She is the epitome of polished, classic American, hey-there-Jackie-O meets I-miss-Audrey-Hepburn style. She masters formal chic outfits, but we have found a truly fantastic inspiration in her most casual looks. Do you want to have a look?

ap13If I should choose just one outfit for the rest of the season this will probably be it. The oversize sweater and jeans make it so comfortable but the shoes and the bag add that fashionable twist. I know that this Autumn pink is THE colour, but as Blair shows, most of the times it’s better to forget about what is trending and stuck to timeless looks and shapes. You can see in the following pictures how fashionable she is without being a fashion victim.

We love her flawless ultrachic wardrobe and that preppy feel all her outfits transmit. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section!
And of course, have a great weekend!

More inspiration and images in Blair’s blog: Atlantic-Pacific.
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