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A day in Verona


Verona is a fantastic town, perfect for a weekend getaway. Although it’s one of the most famous towns in Veneto, it’s usually visited during daytrips while touring the region. Therefore, if you only have a few hours to enjoy Verona, here you have our little guide to make the most of the city in one day.

Verona_2You will probably get there by train or bus… The first sights won’t be too nice, unfortunately. Don’t worry, take the bus number 12 in the railway station and get off in Piazza Bra. From now on, Verona will amaze you.
Verona_2Hidden behind the trees you will discovered the incredibly astonishing Arena. Piazza Bra is a gorgeous setting, with all its colourful buildings and cafes, but the Arena just stands out. Is not as big as the Colosseo in Rome, but it’s as beautiful as it gets. You can visit it and, if you are lucky, you will enjoy the set up of one of the amazing operas that are staged in this fantastic theater. Take a look outside the building too, you might find pieces of the staging in the little streets that surround the Arena.
Verona_1Now, head for Via Giuseppe Mazzini. This is one of the nicest places for going all crazy and shop til you drop. Or just window shop. That’s what we did. You see, 47.000 € diamond rings were a little out of our budget that day ;)
Verona_17Take a look at the buildings and pay attention to the little side streets… Pure charm.
Verona_4Eventually, you will arrive to Piazza delle Erbe. This used to be a lovely market where you could buy delicious local products, mingle with locals and listen to their lovely lilting accent. Not any more, though. Now the stalls are full of bad quality souvenirs, fruit salads and other products for tourists. I think the market has lost its essence. It’s very sad.
Verona_5But Piazza delle Erbe is still surrounded by amazing buildings and although some of the old restaurants under the colonnade have been replaced for not very nice establishments to eat pizza, there are still a few fantastic bars to have a good old aperitivo.
Verona_13We stopped by Casa Mazzanti, an old but updated bar with a nice restaurant inside. I had my usual bitterino. So nice… We were hungry, so it was time to have lunch. As you could read on Monday, we ate at Al pompiere. We totally recommend it!

After lunch we decided to face the hordes of tourists and went to the Juliette Balcony. Big mistake. I mean, the place is pretty but there is nothing romantic there. Just to give you a hint: the wall in front of the balcony was FULL of chewing gums with little notes glued to them. I guess they were love notes or something like that, but it was disgusting. Anyway, it took me 15 minutes to be able to shot a picture without a young lady posing for her boyfriend.


Back to Piazza delle Erbe, you can make a short stop at Cruciani and buy a couple of lovely bracelets. They are super trendy in Italy, have you heard of them? Anyway, head to Piazza dei Signori, Arche scaligere and Santa Maria Antica church and the surrounding area. That’s the real heart of the city, were you can enjoy lonely alleys and courtyards, admire its incredible architecture and learn about its history.


Verona_9Before leaving the town, you could go back to Piazza Bra and have dinner or just a fancy ice cream in one of its terraces. The atmosphere is specially nice when there is an opera at La Arena. The audience usually enjoys a drink or a light meal before the show and afterwards some of the cast go for a late dinner or a glass of champagne, so its a great place for people watching.
I hope you’ve enjoyed our little guide of Verona. We will post some little guides about the Veneto region in the following days, so stay tuned!

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