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Let’s have a seat

We live in this house for more than two years but the decoration is not finished yet. I guess it never will… Anyway, we’ve been looking for the perfect armchair to add a comfy vibe to our home. We’ve want a timeless piece that can age with us so we want quality. These armchairs from the Italian brand Baxter are magnificent and they could be the perfect investment. The problem now is that we can’t decide which one we like the most… and the price tag is quite impressive. But we should remember that we want quality! Do you want to have a look at ou favourites?


baxter_mickey_extraWhat do you think? This one is my fave! I love a good animal print ;)
I’ve always wanted to own a nice old comfortable armchair, the kind that passes on from generation to generation… and I don’t think that my dark blue IKEA Strandmon will survive another move… let alone another generation! Should we invest in one of these amazing pieces?

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