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Random thoughts about September: tartan, glasses and German hairdressers


So we’re back. Back to Germany, back to work, back to routine. This year is harder than ever, though. This last week has been really complicated, we even couldn’t post! Sorry about that. I would love to say that I’m full of energy and looking forward to all the things that are going to happen this brand new season but… I miss my family and friends, I want to keep travelling and I don’t know if I like my job anymore. Sad face.

So September, huh?

Is it tartan making its come back… again? Yep. Fashion always surprises, no? Umpf… leather, darker shades… again. At least it looks like pink is going to be THE colour this season. Something bright on the horizon. But I’m afraid I’ll look like Miss Peggy. And grunge is back. Oh well, then I don’t need magazines, my old photos will do. Me, sitting on the back yard of my highschool being all depressed and thinking I was cool because I listened to very sad songs and read nihilistic books. This will never happen again because 1. I never sit on the floor. Dirty! And 2. I’m all for happy endings now. But I guess the outfits were  comfy and I could use some Dr. Martens in this lovely German weather.

Will I change my glasses from nerd (right now) to cat-eye-Scarlet-Johansson’s Dolce & Gabbanas and embrace my Italian roots? Which reminds me…

Will I start going to the gym to see if I can loose those damn 5 kilos?  Of course. Will I loose them? Nop. The weather is going to get colder, the days shorter and I will stay at home on my beloved sofa, with some travel books and lots of cookies, chocolate… or both. It will rain outside, I will light some candles and I will be in heaven. I’m starting to remember why  love Autumn… And why I never hit the gym.

Will my German hairdresser know how to keep up with the lovely work my Spanish hairdresser has done this Summer to my now lighter blondish hair? I highly doubt it. Will my German hairdresser ever understand that I don’t like that reddish shade he loves to apply to my otherwise kind of caramel hair? Absolutely not. Don’t judge. I’m afraid of hairdressers, aren’t you?

Will I finally clean up my walk-in closet and sell all those pieces that I don’t wear any more? Will anyone be interested in buying them? Zara heels anyone? (You should know by now that I only wear flats, but somehow I had bough too many high heeled Zara boots over the last couple of years)

Will we finally realize that we are living in Bremen and buy two bicycles or will we start walking like we own the street like Germans do and elbow everyone that walks near us? Will we make any friends?

Will we finish decorating our home? Wait! Even better… will we have the courage to move to a bigger appartment? Oh my! I almost forgot it! IKEA is releasing its new catalogue! Oh, yes.. that was one of my favourite things about the first week of September.

Oh, September, this year I’m exhausted. Be nice, please. And move on to October quickly, I need some birthday presents!

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