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Tomboy fragances

I am quite difficult with perfumes because of my (most of the time) delicate sense of smell, maybe it’s due to my little nose. Unfortunately for E. if she likes a new fragance, first of all we have to test it together, because I couldn’t help it, some smells give me headaches.


We have found our common essences, sometimes is just the smell and some other times is just the memories that it brings back. Our new adquisitions have been Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier and 7 by Loewe. They are tomboyish fragances, we know that, but one of them we always liked it, Le Male, and 7 make me remember places, people, traditions… Both of them are special for us.

But don’t think that we only have those, of course not. They complement our signature scents, which are totally differents. E. had to change hers , Le Feu D’Issey by Issey Miyake, two years ago because we couldn’t find it anymore. Now she wears a Jo Malone cologne of Nectarine blossom and honey, which I absolutely love. Mine is actually one that E. found for me, For Her by Narciso Rodriguez.

signature_scentsWhat perfumes do you wear? Do you have a signature scent or you change frequently the perfumes you use?

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