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Lübeck and Travemünde : a one day trip

Last weekend we decided to make a one day trip to Lübeck, a little city near from Hamburg. This was our second time there, and unfortunately the bad weather come with us again. Despite the rain, we could continue with our plans, to make a guided tour for E.’s mom.

Lübeck welcomes the visitor through the Holstentor, the city gate that show us the way to the city centre. We stopped to make some photos and, luckily, we found a chopper’s meeting. I love those bikes, altough it could seem a lie because we’ve lived in Germany for two years and we don’t have any kind of bike. Whatever, the choppers were simply fantastic, and their owners treated them like gold.
After a while admiring those bikes, we keep on going downtown crossing the river Trave.


As soon as you get the heart of the town, you will find the characteritics narrow streets, with red brick buildings. They brougth us to mind our walks in Brugge, although they are so differents.
The best way of knowing Lübeck is going for a walk and trying to get lost, to find small and quite courtyards or the houses along the river.
There are also beautiful historical (reconstructed) buildings like the Cathedral or the Townhall.
The townhall is surrounded by streets full of tourists and shops. There is a Zara, and as I’ve heard more than once, if there’s a Zara then it’s not a town ;)
You can see almost everything before lunch, or look for some place to stop and have a rest. The first time we was there, it became very difficult to find a restaurant that we liked. This time we found one perfect little place in a courtyard, where the waiter was so nice, and the food delicious. The speciality was meat, and also they have two burgers in the menu, so I couldn’t help it and ask for a Cheeseburger. E. and her mom prefered a well-done steak, which were superb. I only have one bad thing about it, we had to wait too long until the food was served, despite of that, everything else was perfect. You can find more information about the restaurant here
After we ate, we go for a little walk until we found the most famous shop of marzipan, Niederegger. It is also a Café where you can taste chocolates and cakes or, if you prefer, its marzipans.


We left Lübeck, but before we came back home, we made a stop in Travemunde, it took us only 20 minutes by train to arrive. We highly recommend this last stop. Travemunde is a little seaside town, placed in the mouth of river Trave. It’s charming and quite. The beach is full of Strandkorb, which is something characteristic in the beaches of northern Germany. There is nothing more to do than go for a walk, make photos and enjoy a drink with a beautiful view of Baltic Sea, and for me that worths it.

I hope you like this post, and of course that you wanted to visit Lübeck and Travemunde. I wish you could make it on a sunny day to complete the whole trip with a picnic at the beach of Travemunde.


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