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Weeken style icons: Gala

amlul2You know Gala, right? She is a truly celebrity blogger. Her blog is a little bit of a street style bible. Her looks are an inspiration for thousands, including me. To be honest, I really envy her. Yes, I do. She travels the world, she is absolutely gorgeous, super skinny, speaks English with a lovely british accent (that’s really difficult, even more if you are a Spaniard!) and has an amazing sense of style.And don’t get me started on her hair. I hate her. But I love her. See? Envy.

amlul1Total denim look? We all do it, right? But she rocks it in a very special way. Maybe it’s because everything looks better on her, who knows?
amlul3Looking for the perfect festival look? There you go. Simply as that. Or not, because although I have some very similar pieces in my wardrobe they just don’t look as polished and perfect when I put them together. She always looks bright as new.
amlul4Jumpsuit trend? But of course! Add the super cool hair and you have the right amount of 70’s vibe. Everything comes naturally…

Since I’m already thinking about next season, I have chosen some Wintery outfits. Biker jacket with espadrilles? Nothing looks better on Gala. Do not try it at home. I repeat: do not try it at home.

amlul8I want need this outfit. My idea of Autumn perfection. Cosy jumper, sheer skirt and boots. Sigh!
amlul7Yes, I know, this is a casual style section but I couldn’t help it. I needed to include this outfit in this post. It’s amazing and has everything that I love and I never wear: a pretty pencil skirt (they are not for me, believe me. I look like a real pear), a blue shirt (this I wear frequently!), a beautiful statement necklace (I love them but I almost never get to wear them… too much for a little town), killer pumps (I’m a lazy dresser, I only wear flats) and a sparkling cluth (I don’t wear clutches because I’m afraid of being robbed and I have to carry everything with me, it’s like a disease! I need big carry-alls).  I just love it! And the hair! And the glasses! And the watch! And the girl! Sigh!

More inspiration and gorgeousness in her blog Happy weekend!

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