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La Moraga, Málaga

A couple of weeks ago we spent a few days in Málaga invited by a dearest friend who has a lovely appartment by the sea. This was the third year in a row, so it has become our little Summer tradition. We would wake up and have a nice breakfast in the terrace, put on our swimsuits, grab a thousand of magazines and head to the beach. Then it was all about sunbeds and laughter. At night we would dress up and enjoy the city’s loveliest restaurants. And some ice cream. This year we tried one of the nicest restaurants by the sea that you will find in Málaga. This is our review.


La Moraga is placed in Málaga’s most famous beach, La Malagueta, right in the city center. It offers a selection of traditional tapas and specialities with international influences and some curious twists.

lamoraga_1We started with some appetizers to share. The croquettes were nice…

But the fried fish was even nicer. It came with a lime mayonnaise that wasn’t necessary in my opinion. The sliced almonds, however, were a nice addition.
The last appetizer was a foie millefeuille paired with the classic apple thinest slices and apple compote. It was delicious but I didn’t like the way they brought the toasts to the table: right out of the box, with its plastic little bag. It really spoilt the presentation.
Then each one of us chose a main dish. Our friend knew exactly what to order from the beginning. A tuna tartar. This dish in La Moraga is her absolute favourite and she really looked forward to it. It was the right amount of spicy, it was tender, yummy and she loved it.


I went for a grilled bass. Since I hardly find good fish in Germany, when I go back to Spain I love eating fresh fish simply cooked. The name of the dish was complicated, but the result was simple, fresh and light. Just what I love.
P. chose the most Spanish dish: huevos fritos con patatas. That is, fried eggs with potatoes. This version was different, though. It had a rich slice of foie that mixed with the perfectly cooked yolk and the almost mashed potatoes made a strong but amazing combination of flavours. It didn’t look that nice, but it tasted like heaven. If I had to choose one thing of the menu, that would be it.

After such a feast, we ordered dessert. Obviously. We shared a chocolate coulant. Not the best that I’ve eaten but good enough to leave the restaurant with a good taste in our mouths.
lamoraga_9The staff were nice (and wore cute tees designed by David Delfin, we guessed), the place was lovely and quiet and the food was delicious. It’s definitely a place to go in Málaga. They have a big terrace facing the sea where you can have something to drink after your dinner. This time we decided to walk a little bit and enjoy the sea breeze along the promenade. It was a great night.
Thank you Teresa for having us and let us discover those amazing eggs that amazing restaurant! ;)

La Moraga
Plaza de la Malagueta 4
+34 952224153

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  1. Phaze says

    This food looks gorgeous!

    I recently started my own lifestyle blog, please check it out on…

    Thanks x

  2. catfishback says

    Mmm…. all of this looks amazing! And I’ve always wanted to visit Malaga. I spent 2 months in Spain one time but never made it down to the costa del sol. Lovely blog!

    Catherine (your newest follower)

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