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Weekend style icons: Coline

It’s Friday again! Time flyes… Do you have plans for the weekend? We are beyond happy because finally a friend comes to visit us! Yay! We are super excited about it! :) Anyway, Friday means one thing in The slow pace: Weekend style icons! Today we would like to introduce you to Coline!

Coline is a super cute French girl. And I mean cool cute, not overly girly cute. She has a very strong personality, I think. She masters the lovely French style…

epp7But she can be quite a tomboy too, which we adore.
epp4She recently cut her hair. I loooooooooove it. Sometimes I try to persuade P. to cut her hair like that. No success, though. But isn’t it nice? She looks so polished and comfy at the same time.
epp5Coline shows in her blog very funny videos where she explains her favourite beauty products every month. I’m completely addicted to them, even though I really don’t speak French so it takes a huge effort to understand them! She sometimes makes tutorials too. This kind-of-smoky eye tutorial is fantastic!
epp1Lately, she’s been rocking this scarf as a turban thingy that really looks great on her. I wanted to try it at home and I did but… lets say my glasses were a little bit damaged during the process :/

epp2And here you have the epitome of Summer night outfit. She is wearing a jumpsuit but somehow she manages to avoid the “I wear it because it’s fashionable” vibe. It just looks natural on her, doesn’t it?

What do you think? Isn’t she super stylish? Oh! And she also sings quite nicely! What a talented girl!
More images, videos and coolness in her blog!
Happy weekend!


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