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Amazona, Loewe

loewe azul pizarra

If you follow us you should know by now that I’ve been looking for my It bag for a long time, an investment piece, that classic that I will love forever… Givenchy’s Antigona was a serious candidate, but it wasn’t the one. I knew from the beginning which bag I wanted, but somehow I thought it wasn’t fashionable enough… This weekend I had an epiphany, though. Maybe it was because we had spent like 8 hours reading fashion magazines (our favourite hobby when lying on a sunbed in Málaga) but I finally realized that the Amazona bag was the one for me. Yes, it’s very classic, but that’s what an investment piece is about, right? Sometimes we let bloggers, magazines and trends interfere with our taste and style, we end up forgetting our personality or avoiding what we really like and what we really are for the sake of being fashionable, trendy… you name it.  I love this bag and I know I’m going to love it forever. It might not be the bag of the moment, but it’s been on my ming for a couple of years, when I almost bought it. Even though I thought black was what I was looking for, the lovely shop assintant showed me the light blue version back then and I just fell in love. It looked perfect with my auntie’s mink and pearls, with the edgy total black look of the shop assistant and with my simple jeans and white Converse outfit. The shade is actually a little bit greyish than light blue, it’s just beautiful.  What do you think?

You can buy it here. I will! ;)

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  1. emma says

    Wowser! I LOVE that bag. A little outta my price range though :)

    Like you say, an absolute classic piece that you always go bag to. I have a pair of Kurt Geiger winter boots that I can’t remember how many times I’ve had re-heeled because I always go back to them.

    Love the blog :)

    • Hi Emma! I’ll have to save a little bit, yes, but I think it will be worth it!
      Thank you for your comment. Hope to see you back here soon! :)

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