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Janatomo, Madrid

A few days ago we had a marvellous dinner with one of our dearest friends, who I hadn’t seen for a couple of years! We chose a Japanese restaurant that not only offers great food and a perfect ambiance, but also has a special meaning for us. This was the first place where the three of us met after our wedding.


Japanese beer while chosing our order. A difficult situation because everything in this place is delicious. There was something that was on our minds, though, we knew it was going to be the perfect starter. Spicy tuna sashimi. Soft, tender, moist, full of flavour… It’s the best sashimi I’ve ever eaten. Really.

janatomo7No visit to a Japanese restaurant can be made without ordering a little bit of tempura, right? We chose the vegetable option that was light as a feather.
janatomo5The only thing that I would change is the amount of soy sauce they offer. I loooove my sushi well soaked in soy sauce! And talking about sushi, we ordered a fair amount of California Rolls. Yeah, I know, that is sushi for beginners, but we like it anyway!
janatomo6And last, but not least, Katsudon. Rich, creamy, delicious. The perfect way to end our dinner. Obviously, after such a feast, we didn’t order dessert!

We finished our dinner very late, the restaurant was almost empty but our tummies were full and happy. Thank you Alex! You are always a great company! We miss you in Bremen, come and visit soon!
Janatomo is a fantastic place with a quiet and elegant atmosphere. The staff is beyond nice, thoughtful and always smiling. The food is delicious, real Japanese recipes, and even though it’s not one of the most famous Japanese restaurants in Madrid, you need to book in advance because the place is full every night! You can even spot some celebrities ;)
Calle de la reina 27
915 21 55 66
PS: the best Japanese restaurant in Bruges here, our favourite Japanese restaurant in Bremen here and our beloved Japanese diner in London here!

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  1. Noe says

    I have been to this restaurant. Really good japanese food and good service. One of my favourite japanese ;)

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