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maje 6
If you follow us, you will know by now that Maje is one of our favourite brands. Remember that yesterday we told you that we made some serious damage hitting the sales? Well, it was all Maje. We couldn’t help but have a look at the new collection, because let’s face it: when we go back to Germany next week it will be Autumn already! Sigh! Of course we loved the new collection. Grunge is back! I feel in high school again! Here you have some of our favourite pieces.


maje 7
Have you seen those heels? Simple yet stylish… really need them. I do. Will I be able to walk with them in the constant German rain? I highly doubt it, but they are so beautiful!
maje 5I love the effortless cool vibe of all the looks. And this little parka is almost perfect! It’s one of my favourite pieces.

maje 8
The colours are all about grey, black and red, the textures are rough… so grunge, so 90’s. I even love the model’s hairdo!

maje 9
Do you like it? You can buy it here!

Images via Refinery29.

PS. You can have a look at Maje’s sister from another mister, Sandro, pré-collection Hiver 2013 here.

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