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The Patio

thepatio7Last week we visited one of the coolest spots of Madrid this Summer, The Patio. We have read a lot about this pop up concept store and bar in different webs and magazines, so we wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

thepatio6First things first: food. We knew the amazing sandwich bar Magasand was a partner in this Summer pop up adventure and we love their sandwiches. When we lived in Madrid we used to grab a couple of sandwiches everytime we went to our hairdresser, that was located really closed to their first location in Travesía de San Mateo. So we knew food was going to be great. And it was. We went for the chicken and nuts salad and the pastrami sandwich. The salad was quite good, beautifully seasoned. The portion was a little bit on the small side, but it was enough. However, the real star was the pastrami bagel. The mix between the pastrami, the goat cheese and the caramelized onion was beyond amazing. At first we thought it was going to be too strong with so many powerful flavours, but actually it wasn’t. It was tasty. Just right.

thepatio4Location was good too. Placed in Hortaleza street, The Patio has a nice Ikea meets beach bar decor. The idea reminds of those cool chiringuitos by the beach in Barcelona. Lots of white, some pops of colour and natural accents, like the tents that help to cool down Madrid’s heat.
thepatio3We really enjoyed our ice mint tea, but if we were to come back I would try some of their smoothies or cocktails. Apparently they have a really nice drink menu. By the way, do you like my new manicure? If you do, stay tuned because I’ll talk about it this week ;)

thepatio5The shop was nice, but we didn’t buy anything. We had made some serious (and I mean serious, serious) damage hitting the sales a few hours before and well, we didn’t find anything that we love that much. Hats were nice, though, and we almots bought a pair of Mint & Rose espadrilles, so if you visit the store, you should check that.

We really enjoyed our late lunch at The Patio but, to be honest, I think the staff could have been a little bit nicer! Too cool for school? Anyway, if you are in Madrid before the Summer ends, go check it out! The pastrami bagel is really worth it!
The patio
Hortaleza 87

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  1. What a great little find! I wish we had some places like this in Valencia.
    That bagel looks delicious :)
    x x

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