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Weekend style icons: Sara

collage 9Since we are in Madrid, this weekend we will be inspired by Sara, the lovely face of Collage vintage. She is a sweet girl from Madrid who posts amazing looks and lovely inspiration articles.

colage1From the moment we moved to Germany, we have missed Madrid like crazy. Looking at her blog, we reminisce and remember our beloved city because she is the epitome of Madrid’s street style.

collage 5She wears mostly high street brands, which makes her style approachable, real and, let’s face it, easy to copy ;)

collage 8Simple pieces, basic colour palettes and a nice smile. Those are her signature features. She is adorable!
collage 2She has covered some fashion weeks during the last seasons, and her Say cheese posts are really inspirational. We saw her last february in Paris Fashion Week… remember when we pretended we were fashion bloggers? And she was everywhere! She really takes it seriously!

collage 7Although she rocks grey, white and black looks we love when she adds pops of colour in her wardrobre… But if you follow us, you will know that we have a soft spot for grey, white and black. Look at this simple look… great, isn’t it?
collage 6

For more inspiration, looks and images check out her blog, Collage vintage.

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