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Muzungu sisters

This brand is THE brand for the Summer. It’s the perfect mix between traditional and super cool. All their pieces are handmade in places like Peru, Brasil or India and have the most amazing details. The founders, Dana and Tatiana, wanted to stimulate those local economies, all while providing customers with timeless, hand-selected items of impeccable quality and style. Don’t you love that white dress? I do!

I just love their bags. Look at this basket!! Isn’t it beautiful? Those pompoms…

But if I had to choose just one piece, it would be that clutch. It looks fantastic with shorts and that wonderful shirt, but I think it would also be the perfect accessory for a total black look paired with some golden sandals for a crazy Summer night out.
I also love that jacket. And that head piece is dreamy…
Apparently, the word Muzungu is Swahili for “wanderer” or “traveller” and is now a term used to refer to foreigners or white people. It quite represents the adventurer spirit and caring soul of this brand.

You can shop and read more about this lovely project here.

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