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The strongest charachter of the Mediterranean sea

corsica 2

And we jump from Menorca to Corsica, a land full of character. This could be the strongest personality of the Mediterranean sea. Fierce nature, strong flavours, dramatic scenery and fascinating history make this island a real treasure.
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Corsica can be a little overwhelming. So many beautiful corners that you won’t be able to decide where to go, what to do and where to eat. Since I started planning these series about the most beautiful Mediterranean islands I new I had to mention Corsica, but I was afraid of doing so. No, it wasn’t because of the strong and sometimes a little bit threatening Corsican character. I had read the most amazing guide about Corsica and I knew from the beginning that any attempt of explaning why you should visit this island would be poor compared to that.


That’s why I’m going to send you straight away to that fabulous guide written by a true Corsican who happens to be the sister of my favourite blogger, Garance Doré. Here you have (almost) everything you need to know about Corsica: Corsica by Laetitia. You shoud read it, you’re going to love it!


More Mediterranean retreats, if you’d like to see:
Kastelorizo, in Greece…
Brac, Rab and Losinj in Croatia…
Djerba, in Tunisia…
Stromboli, in Italy…
and Menorca, in Spain.

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