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Summer centerpiece

One of the perks of living in Germany is having flowers everywhere. There are thousand florists in every little town, flower markets in almost every square and even the supermarkets sell the cutest bouquets. Since we moved here I buy flowers every week and try to find new ways of arranging them. I thought I could share with you my latest Summer centerpiece, if you’d like to see…

Last week, I bought this amazing bouquet at my florist. It caught my attention with its brigh colours and cute little roses. I immediately thought that I could separate the different types of blossoms and create a nice centerpiece with diverse textures.
Well, this is not rocket science. You just pick the flowers and arrange them casually but carefully in little vases. In this case, I got this fantastic centerpiece with five little vases, but you can easily grab a few assorted vases or even glasses and it will do the trick.
flowers_6This time I put the focus on the little cute yellow roses and add a pop of purple. For more formal tables, you can choose just one type of flower for all the vases.
And voilà! A nice centerpiece that will bright up your Summer table!

PS: I’m thinking about buying The flower recipe book for more inspiration and techniques. It looks amazing!

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