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In my suitcase: bags

I am a bag person. Actually, I’d love to be a shoe person because I love shoes too, but I have ridiculously tiny feet that make almost impossible for me to go crazy and buy tons of shoes. So bags it is.
On holidays I usually choose clutches. I don’t carry all the things that make my bag weigh two tons in my everyday life. Just my purse, my phone and some lipstick. In fact, holidays are the only time I get to wear clutches. These are my fave for this season.


This little number was a present and I loved it the minute I saw it. I think it was from a local shop in Madrid. It has a little chain so that you can wear it as a cross body bag. The navy stripes make it so pretty, don’t you think?
I bought this clutch in H&M one lazy afternoon in February. It was there, all alone, almost hidden behind lots of Winter accessories, and I thought: do I hate it or do I love it? And you know what happens… when in doubt and with that tiny price tag, you buy it. Now I’m quite happy with it and it has come with me to all my beach getaways since then. You can see it in action here.
And this is my favourite piece. This is a super big clutch that my mum bought when she was twenty and living in Italy. I’ve inherited it and I just love it. You can dress it up and down, it goes with everything and, well, it’s my mum’s. I think it’s the only truly vintage piece of my wardrobe.
As you can see all of them are made of natural materials. I really like that in Summer. What about you? Do you wear clutches or totes in Summer?

PS: I’m dying to have one of these bags.

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