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Maharani, Bremen


Last Friday we had a lovely dinner in one of our favorite restaurants in Bremen, Maharani. We always doubt about posting recommendations about Bremen, but hey, that’s where we live and who knows? Maybe you happen to visit the town and you don’t know where to eat! Well then, this is the best Indian -Pakistani restaurant in town.

maharani-1It’s a little bit off the beaten track, not in the city center and therefore, only known by locals. The atmosphere is quiet and, well, Indian. The decor is what you will expect: elephants, bold colours, rich carpets… a little bit Bollywood if you ask me. I quite like it. The waiters are super nice, fun and they serve pretty delicious food. Last Friday we were welcomed by a nice appetizer: tasty parathas with a couple of souces: a mild creamy yogurt sauce and a hot spicy but kind of sweet one. Yum.
maharani-2We ordered Chicken Korma and Chicken Green Tikka Tandoori. I always try to avoid Chicken Korma and go for something different. But what can I say? I love it!  And even more Maharani’s Chicken Korma. The sauce is super creamy, the chicken is perfectly cooked: tender, moist and tasty. The way they serve it is really nice, don’t you think?

maharani-4The Chicken Green Tikka Tandoori was beautifully marinated and had that characteristic bright green. Served with vegetables, warm Naan and another delicious sauce, we left the plate empty!
maharani-3There was no room for dessert. The Naan and that creamy Korma sauce were resposible for that. Not me.

So, if you get lost in Europe sometime and end up in Bremen, you should try this restaurant ;) Oh! And they have an Indian Brunch on Sundays that I’m super curious about… maybe when we come back from our holidays we will pay a visit.
Findorffstraße 114
28215 Bremen
+49 421 5662566

PS: two more fantastic restaurants in Bremen: Toshido and Presse.


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