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Ice cream sandwiches

To say that we love ice cream is an understatement. And what can be better than ice cream between cookies? Nothing, exactly. When I was a child my mother would prepare quite simple but amazing ice cream sandwiches for my birthdays. Instead of birthday cake, we would eat delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream sandwiches. I would even blow the candles on a huge ice cream sandwich. It was our tradition. I don’t know why I don’t continue with it any more!
So when I read this post last week I remembered that lovely chapter of my childhood and decided that I should share that recipe with you… together with some other yummy versions of this classic but delicious treat.

joy's ice cream sandwich
These are the amazing ritz cracker ice cream sandwiches I was telling you about. Little but oh so pretty!

I’m sure the 5 year old me would have loved these cute heart-shapedchocolate strawberry sandwiches for her birthdays.

Of course, this version is more grown up but looks quite tasty too.

This is only for fearless chocolate lovers.

And if that wasn’t enough, here you have 12 homemade ice cream sandwich recipes.

Enjoy! Happy Summer!

Image via Chasing delicious and Joy the Baker.


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