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Weekend style icons: Tokyobanhbao


This weekend’s style icon is one of the cutest, nicest bloggers that you will find. We follow her blog not only because she has a sweet personality that shows in all of her looks, but also because she gaves the most amazing recommendations about restaurants and travels. And we’ve just realised we don’t know her real name! So, we will introduce her simply as Tokyobahnbao!

For us she is one of the most adorable bloggers. She wears outfits that all of us could wear… maybe we won’t pull it off that good, but we sure can copy her casual, comfortable looks. She is real…. but she usually adds special touches that turn her everyday looks into something special. Like headbands, lately. She follows trends but somehow doesn’t look like a fashion victim. She just adapts everything to her personal effortlessly cute/cool style.

Our favourite thing about her? She is the queen of marinieres and stripes!




Don’t you think she looks like someone’s best friend? She is that nice, isn’t she? We feel like we have lots of things in common with her: her passion about food and travel, her natural style and her love for her signature haircut! :)



If you like fashion, food and travelling, you should check her blog! She has written/drawn two amazing comic books that make us regret not speaking French. Sometimes she writes super fun posts with her drawings and she translates them into English, so you should have a look at them if, like us, you don’t speak French.

For more outfits, travel recommendations and yummy restaurant reviews… Le monde de Tokyobanhbao!

PS: she recommended in her blog the most amazing Japanese restaurant in Bruges. We followed her advice, as usual, and loooved it! Here you have our review if you’d like to see.

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