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In my suitcase: Toms

The count down has started. In about two weeks we will be leaving for our Summer holidays in Spain. That means that we have to prepare our big big big suitcases… and leave some room for the things we want to bring back with us ;) This involves what can be called a hard engineer work and a great capacity to analyze and synthesize, which truth to be told, I don’t have.  In my suitcase series are back!

If you follow us, you should know by now that we adore flats. In every way. And Summer is the perfect season to show our love for sandals, ballerinas, slippers and Toms! Yes, that’s the first item we will be putting in our suitcase this year. Paired with denim shorts and striped tees are perfect for long walks in Madrid, morning visits to the fish market in Cádiz and shopping sprees in Málaga. We love their comfy style, their beachy vibes and the huge range of colours and prints.
Besides, this brand has a very nice project going on: for each pair of Toms they sell, they give a pair of shoes to a child that needs them. You can read more information about this amazing initiative here.

Do you love them? Do you hate them?

PS: In my suitcase posts are not sponsored. These are the things we buy and take with us in our travels. Really.


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