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STYLIGHT: discover fashion everyday

STYLIGHT_TV_Spot_Kristina-Bazan from kayture

Last week the team of Stylight got in touch with us to tell us about their adorable fashion community, that has just made its debut in Spain. Stylight is already in the heart of other eight European countries but with the help of the most popular Spanish bloggers is trying to conquer the Spanish blogosphere and fashion scene.
I was super curious about them because here, in Germany, they have just released a TV Spot (watch it here) that suddenly caught my attention.

STYLIGHT_TV_Spot3_Kenza from kenzas-se
But what is Stylight? How can you be part of it? Easy peasy! I would say Stylight is a meeting point of European real fashion trends. You can make your profile and add your looks with the direct links to the items you are wearing. Obviously, you can gossip around, see what other people are wearing and buy your favourite look immediately! Let’s be honest: although it might be terrible for your credit card, it’s going to be great for your wardrobe! ;) You can follow other fashionistas and they can follow you back, nice way of meeting people with your same interests, I think. Our favourite part is that you can also create little mood boards with your favourite fashion pieces, videos, quotes… Fashion is inspiration, right?

So, just for fun…log in and tell us what you think about it!

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