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The most exotic Mediterranean island


Today, we continue our series about the most fabulous Mediterranean islands. And we’ve decided to bring you to the most exotic of them: Djerba. This island is located in the Gulf of Gabes, in southern Tunisia, and it’s only 25 km long and 20 km wide. Djerba is just a coast-line hardly raised above the sea, being the highest point only 55 m from the sea level. The island is linked to the mainland by a road built by the Roman empire. For us, Djerba represents the ancient history of the Mediterranean sea and we can’t help but imagine how mysterious and exotic it could be. Flavours, scents, landscapes, tales of thousand pirats…

djerba 2
Djerba offers more than extremely beautiful beaches and dramatic sunsets. To the Southwest of the island, you will find Guellala, the village of potters. All of the local people of this village are engaged in this ancestral craft and you can see vases, jugs, pitchers displayed along the main street. If Djerba’s history interest you, there are 2 museums you can visit: Sidi Zitouni museum which offers many aspects of Djerba’s traditional life and Lalla Hadria museum which presents the Tunisian and Arab-Islamic world art. At the Southern area of Houmt Souk, you can find Ghriba, a Jewish temple built in the 6th century BC.

Djerba has options for everyone. Apart from laying in the beach and discovering a fantastic culture you can play lots of sports if you are that kind of person who enjoys active vacation (not me, by the way ;) you will be able to practise water skiing, scuba diving, sailing, horseback riding, camel riding and golf. Yes, I’ ve never thought one could play golf in a place like this, but apparently you can!

djerba 4

Other interesting places to visit are Midoun, Gightis, Ajim, Bordj Castille, Bordj Djillidj, El Kantara, El May, Er Riadh (Hara Seghira), Plage Sidi Mehrez, Sedouikech, Plage de la Seguia and Zarzis. I wonder how can anyone pronounce those words… Did you know that Djerba is one of the few remaining places in Tunisia where a Berber language is still spoken?

djerba 5

As for food, you can eat fresh seafood, exotic fruits, Brik à L’oeuf, Tunisian sandwich, the hot and spicy Lablabi and Kafteji, Tastira and Salade Mechouia. Try also the unique local palm liquor soft drink they call Lagmi, which is made of date fruits, local yoghurt called L’ban and Turkish coffee. Yum! Conde Nast Traveller put together a great list of the best places to eat in Djerba. You can check it out here!
djerba 6
We have found two amazing boutique hotels that would make a fantastic home in Djerba. One is Hotel Dar Dhiafa, a group of houses of an old village restored and decorated beautifully, and Dar Bibine, a lovely guest house located in the heart of the medina of Erriadh where the traditional Djerban architecture mixes up with pure minimalism.
What do you think? Is Djerba now in your bucket list? ;)

PS: Croatia’s most beautiful islands and the last Greek paradise.


  1. i had no idea there were tunisian islands in the mediteranean. just another place i’ll have to add to my list of places to go!

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