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This is getting serious


Look! The slow pace has brand new business cards!!! Do you like them? We love them! When we started this blog we never thought we would keep it more than a few months but guys, this is getting serious! We never thought we would have followers, but there are more than 150 people out there following our blog, we never though someone would be interested in collaborating with us and we have a lovely sponsor since last February ( thank you AB line!) and we never thought anyone would notice our little blog, but last week we reached 20.000 visitors! Ok, I get it, that’s not much compared with other super blogs in the blogospehere, but for us is huge!



The lovely card holder is from &otherstories, you can buy it here!
We designed and printed our cards with Moo. Funny name, great cards!

So, thank you for being there! We will keep on working to see you around here everyday!

E & P.

P.S. for business inquiries please have a look at our contact details. For everything else, please  follow us on Bloglovin, Facebook and Twitter! :)


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