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Weekend Style Icon: Sabrina Meijer

How was your week? Ours was quite stressful… Let’s welcome this weekend with one of our ost beloved weekend fashion icons! Sabina Meijer, alias AfterDRK. She is one of the first bloggers that I followed, I actually don’t remember how I discovered her blog, but I check it out every day since then. Her minimalistic sober and mostly monochromatic style fascinates me. She is über cool!


If you have read about our other weekend style icons you will know by now that we don’t like accessories that much. I think Sabrina likes to keep it simple too. Nice bags, nice shoes, the most fashionable sunnies and maybe tiny necklaces or bracelets.


But she knows how to rock a cap!



Her wardrobe is an example of less is more and quality over quantity. Those are premises that I believe in, so I love her choices when it comes to basic pieces with excellent fabrics and cuts. That’s why we were super excited when she announced her first collection in collaboration with Nelly. We couldn’t be happier!! You can have a look at her collection and read a little more about Sabrina’s style here!

More images and inspiration in Sabrina’s blog AfterDRK.


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