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Weekend style icons: Trini G


I’ve recently discovered Trini G’s blog and all I can say is that I loooooove it. It’s a jewel! Seriously, this girl has become one of my all time style icons. I love her! I was completely surprised by her because she is super young but has an amazing classic style. If ‘ll have to describe her I’d say she is like little Sofia Coppola meets little Diane Keaton. With a tiny Audrey Hepburn touch. No, I’m not exagerating. Look at the pictures if you don’t believe me…


She wears black a lot. Good. And grey. Outstanding. And white. Wonderful. And stripes. Amazing. And don’t get me started on her shoes and bags. In a  few words:  I’d kill for her wardrobe! It has a great French vibe… with all that black going on!


You can say her looks are simple. Not at all! She’s got that wow factor. She’s remarkably elegant and she shows a great personality, choosing great quality pieces over temporary flashy trends. That cute bob makes her look so sweet yet cool, don’t you think? Um… should I cut my hair?



What do you think? Is she amazing or not? I totally adore her! Check her blog for more inspiration and images here!

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