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Daydreaming… Kastelorizo


Summer is around the corner. We are already making plans and trying to squeeze all the things we want to do and all the places and people we’d like to visit in just a few days of holidays. Normally our Summer holidays are more stressful than work, that’s one of the disadvantages of living abroad. There are too many friends and family to visit when you come back to your own country! Anyway, we can’t help but daydream about gorgeous places we’d love to visit and I don’t know why but we always go back to the Mediterranean sea. Today, we daydream about Kastelorizo, the last Greek paradise.

med-kastelorizo1This little island was the setting of Mediterraneo, a great film that won an Oscar in 1992 (you should watch it!), but it has remained a little treasure hidden in a forgotten corner of the Mediterranean Sea. You will have to take a plane to Athens, another one to Rodhes and then a boat to get there. It’s just one kilometer away from Turkey!
med-kastelorizo3There is a little hotel in this island, Mediterraneo, who has been on top of my bucket list for years. Simple, colourful and chic, it has the perfect location and atmosphere to forget the world and relax. This hotel is one of those places where luxury is defined by stunning nature, small pleasures and simplicity.
med-kastelorizo7From the terrace of the hotel you can jump into the sea, maybe swim to Saint George islet and sunbathe afterwards in Plakes, a limestone beach. You can also look for the Blue Grotto, larger than its more famous namesake in Capri.
med-kastelorizo5We’d love to spend some days in this fantastic place. When I see these pictures I just think about long morning walks and silent afternoons under the sun. Serenity and peace. Light sea breeze. Uncomplicated life. The perfect fusion between Greek and Turkish culture, architecture and personalities. Oh well, I also think about taking a ferry to Kas, in Turkey, to spend the day shopping in its little markets and I can’t help but daydream about lovely dinners in the tavernas that overlook the sea in Kastelorizo’s port!

The perfect holidays, don’t you think?

Mediterraneo Kastelorizo Hotel

Megisti 22460 49007


Phone/Fax +30 22 46 04 90 07

[email protected]

[email protected]

Images via Hotel Mediterraneo


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