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On Saturday something amazing happened: the sun came to say hello and the weather was super nice. So we went picnic! If you follow us on Twitter you’ll probably know that we recently bought the most beautiful picnic basket, so last Saturday she could make her debut! (And probably that was her last appearance this season because the weather is all cloudy again, umpf!) We prepared the most delicious sandwiches, a fruit salad and off we went!


There is a park/forest really close to our home, so there was no need to go far away. Let’s say, that park/forest is our particular garden ;) We chose a nice spot, laid our polka dot picnic blanket and prepared to enjoy a sunny day.

Lunch time came soon and we opened our beloved picnic basket…
Our menu included the ultimate club sandwich and the best italian sandwich.


We ate the club sandwich first. It was super good, but we just couldn’t eat more afterwards… It was huge!!! We overestimated our stomachs!


A little toast to sunny weather… and it was time for napping and reading and napping a little bit more! (In case you’re wondering I’m wearing Chanel’s Orange fizz)


Later on, we decided to give fruit salad a chance. It was refreshing and so yummy! Nothing fancy: just fresh strawberries and mango that we had bought that morning at the farmers market. Amazing flavour combo!

And back to reading and napping!
Since these days are super long in Germany, we stayed late in the park. So suddenly it was time for supper… thank God we had our Italian sandwiches left!
After a nice walk we went back home with rosy cheeks and happy stomachs. It was a marvellous Saturday! Oh sun, why don’t you come back more often?

PS: more picnic inspiration here!


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