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Weekend Style Icon: Andy Torres


Lets talk about loooong legs. Who doesn’t want them? Andy Torres. Why? Because she has the longest legs from the blogosphere! She totally rocks mini skirts and skinny jeans and although she tends to show edgy kind of sophisticated looks, we prefer her casual outfits. And even more if they involve white jeans. Look at her! Cool, right?



She wears black a lot. And adds nice colour touches and twists. I guess that has something to do with the weather in Amsterdam, where she lives. I’ve noticed that since we moved to Germany we dress with darker colours than when we were living in Spain. And we have noticed this kind of changes in Andy’s wardrobe too. We love her serious edgy looks in Amsterdam and her fun and brighter looks when she travels to Mexico!




Definitely we love her relaxed looks, she’s a total inspiration for super cool travel outfits and her style is quite remarkable! Check out her blog for more images and some curious fashionable DIY here.

Images via Stylescrapbook.


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