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Saturday in Hamburg


Last Saturday we had some work to do for our new article in El viajero and headed to Hamburg. We wanted to spend the day at the port, gather some information, take some pictures and enjoy the day. And we did!

First things first. Breakfast. Delicious Franzbrötchen, butter and cinnamon pastries, very famous in Hamburg.

Oh, the weather was wonderful…

Not a cloud in the sky, huh? Anyway… The port of Hamburg is truly espectacular. The left bank is full of shipyards and cranes, creating the most creepy but at the same time fascinating industrial landscape. On the other hand, the right bank is a sequence of the most amazing neighbourhoods, from super modern areas…


… To the loveliest neighbourhoods with pretty houses and tiny beaches. Yes, beaches!


We took the waterbus number 62 and enjoyed the ride. We saw lots and lots of boats. Tiny…

And not so tiny. Watch out little boat, there is a giant ocean liner behind you!


We even saw a Beluga crossing the shiny sky… ehem…


We let the gentle breeze play with our hair and sunbathed on the deck…
Seriously, it was fffffreezing!!! And the wind was crazy. It was the first day of June for Christ’s sake!!! I just can’t get used to this weather, I can’t.

With such a lovely weather we decided to stop in Neumühlen and have a walk in the beach. The atmosphere was quite festive and nice… but it was cold, so not a soul on the terraces.




But there were a few adventurers who were spending the day at the beach!

We felt the sand in our feet (not).

And took a really nice (cold) walk. We saw beautiful houses and beautiful gardens. It really is a very nice area of Hamburg.

It was almost time for lunch, so we headed back to the city center. This woman was frozen. No wonder with that weather ;) uahahaha!

We wanted to come back to one of our favourite restaurants in Hamburg, Ti breizh because they serve the best crepes ever!

And what’s the best thing to do on a Saturday afternoon? Exactly. Go shopping. And that’s what we did. We bought a pretty scented candle in one of our favourite shops in Hamburg, Lenffer. If you happen to be in Hamburg, pay a visit. Look what a gorgeous display!
Afterwards, we got lost in the streets that surround the town hall. Thousand of shops with the best brands, what a nice way of ending our day trip!

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