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True Grace scented candles


I have to admit that two years ago I couldn’t care less about scented candles. For me a scented candle was something models took with them in their travels to make them feel at home (according to several magazines, not that I have any models around) or something a British grandma would love to recive as a present in her brithday (according to my personal experience with British grandmothers). But since we live in Germany, I love candles, I need candles and I buy lots of candles.

Candles make our home prettier and cosier during the horrible German Winter, that apparently lasts 9 months a year leaving just 3 months for Autumn. Yep, no Spring nor Summer here. So we use candles all year around. This Saturday we bought this little fragrant beauty, the Green tea & Citrus candle by True Grace. It smells amazing. It’s perfet: discreet, elegant and pretty. It adds a nice touch to our bedroom vanity and its fresh aroma reminds us of Summer, that lovely time of the year that simply doesn’t exist in the North of Germany.

Interested? You can buy it here: True Grace scented candles

PS: Our favourite home scent.


  1. I really love the candles they bring out around winter here in England with all the seasonal scents! I do love candles myself but I am not willing to spend a lot of money on them!

    Corinne x

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