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Our very own DIY Destination wedding: the details.


Hello!!! We hope you’re having a good week!!! Today we want to share with you some new tips to organize your very own DIY destination wedding. We will talk about decor, dresses, favors and partying. On Tuesday we talked about choosing the right destination, hiring the best venue and some other big decisions. If you missed it, you can read it here. Today is all about details!

1. First things first: choose your colour palette. It’s the most important thing you will choose. It will define the style of your wedding and it will harmonize all the aspects of your event: invites, decor, favors, bridesmaid dresses… Stick to that palette to achieve a unique wedding where all the details belong together. It will be the line that connects the dots! We chose earth tones: dusty blue/green, light peach, light lemon and beige. This colours asked for natural textures so we chose materials like raffia, brown paper, cord, light ribbons… It really helped to figure out in which direction we could go.



2. To theme or not to theme: Themed weddings are fun. Besides, having a theme really helps to choose all the elements of your wedding and it will narrow the endless options. A theme could show a part of your personality as a couple and it can make your wedding unique and even more personal. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to be very obvious, it could be subtle. For instance, we chose Travel as the theme of our wedding (because travelling is our favourite thing in the world, we met during a trip, our friends were travelling from different parts of the world to come to our wedding and, well, it was a destination wedding), so we bought a nice set of travel themed stamps and stickers which we used for our invitations and decor. We also found two lovely globes that became a nice center piece during our cocktail and afterwards, our logo in this little blog! Everything has a history! We didn’t have travel themed favors per se, but since we wanted to give our guests lovely L’Occitane products, we bought them in travel sizes ;) And we included that globe print on the labels…. It’s all about combining little details that put together a lovely bigger picture!


3. Flowers: I love flowers. And since our wedding was taking place in the countryside I new I wanted lots of them and they will look perfect. But flowers are tricky if you want to DIY. So here is my advice: find a nice florist’s shop and order your flowers. Then, keep it simple. Ask which flowers will be available during the season. I love anemones, but they are Winter flowers, so I changed them for buttercups.  We got white and light lemon gerbera daisies, yellow and white buttercups, tons of baby breath flowers, green button flowers and white lisianthus. The gerbera daisies should have ben peach instead of light lemon, we found out there was a mistake when they delivered the flowers. So be prepared for this little changes… and just adapt. We arranged the flowers in simple mason jars that we decorated with our travel themed vintage stickers and a little bit of cord. And that was it. We loved the rustic feeling and the simplicity of the center pieces. For our bouquets we had sunflowers for her and peonies for me. The morning of our wedding we just tied them together with some beige and dusty green ribbons for her and beige and peach ribbons for me. And a little bit of cord. It looked like we had picked them up from the garden. Just what we want it. Oh! And our beautiful flower girl had her own baby breath bouquet. I believe that when you are arranging flowers yourself is better to keep it simple to avoid complications! Just one more thing: peonies are gorgeous but complicated. Sometimes they just don’t open, they remain closed!!!.

4. Dresses, yay!: Since we were on a budget, we decided that we will splurge on the food, favors and venue and save a little bit on our dresses. We knew it was a one in a lifetime dress but… my point exactly. I can tell you that I have spent more money on my classic Burberry trench than on my wedding gown. I’ll be wearing that trench every Autumn but I’m never going to wear my wedding dress again. This doesn’t mean that we didn’t care about our dresses. They were gorgeous! If you are looking for an affordable beautiful dress I have just two words for you: JCrew weddings. At that time JCrew didn’t ship to Europe, so we ordered our gowns and had them delivered to a friend of us in the States and then he sent them to Madrid. It was totally worth it. We ended up adding some personal details, like a brocade ribbon on the waist for me, or some flowers on her dress just to make them more… us. Tip: the dress travels with you on the plane. No matter what. And so do your shoes. Shoes! We decided to be super comfortable and dance all day so we chose the ballerinas you can see on the first picture of this post. Being a countryside wedding they were totally appropriate… and we didn’t have to worry about sore feet!

And I’m not forgetting hair and make up! We contacted a local hairdresser who was more than happy to help us. We sent her some pictures and ideas per Email and made an appointment two days before the wedding to try them out.  She suggested a few changes and the result was great! Be aware of the fact that she won’t be as greeat as your usual hairdresser or make up artist because she doesn’t know you, but this is a destination wedding, so you have to be open to meet knew people and let things flow! Remember that you will look beautiful because you will be super happy.

This last picture is me before I changed into my wedding dress. I swear I have neck and shoulders although it may not look like it on this picture ;) And a little piece of advice: you will look better if your hairdo is something you would normally wear but upgraded!

5. Party… and other staff: The most important thing I can tell you: just have fun! If you have prepared the invites, found the venue and all your suppliers yourself, if you have created the decor and if you have put together the favors… It’s time to have fun, you deserve it! The cellist might sound a little bit out of tune, the flowers might not be the exact colour that you thought they would be, the make up of your right eye might be ruined and every single guest might forget to tell you (true story)… but it’s your wedding so have the best time of your life with the love of your life!!!
Finally some tips that could be useful:
– Travel aprox. 3 days before the wedding. You will have enough time to have your hair and make up test, get your flowers deliver (best the day before the wedding) and arrange the last details.
– Pack one bag with all the stuff you need for your decor, another one with you and your fiancee’s clothes and take the dress, shoes and jewelry with you.
– Prepare some treats for your guests. We left some assorted candy in every room and made lovely customized signs with their names that we put on each door.
– Make a significant play list for those days. We had songs that were important for each one of our guests and songs that we have danced together. Everyone loves to listen to that particular song that brings back a nice memory or that other one they loooooooooove dancing to.
– Don’t be too strict. We had planned a day trip the day after the wedding that we finally didn’t carry through. But we did have an spontaneous Eurovision party! Let your guests have fun and have a relaxed schedule.
– If you are on a budget, why don’t you choose a Friday instead of a Saturday or a Sunday? That way your guest can stay for the weekend too!!!
– We decided not to hire a photographer… well, that’s the only thing I would change. It’s important to have good pictures taken. Our friends made our pictures and now we have tons of super fun charming photos but I feel we lost some details, looks and moments that just a professional would have captured.
– Here you have some webs that I love and were really helpful and inspiring for me: Oncewed, The brides cafe, Green Wedding Shoes and Style me pretty.

So, that’s all! Thanks for reading such a long post! Excuse me but I’m passionate about weddings!!! :) If you have any further questions, I’ll be glad to help! Here you have my E-mail: [email protected] If you don’t have any questions but just want to say hi, I’ll be glad to read that too! ;)

PS. Stay tuned for our big party in Madrid… That was our glamorous kind of second wedding!!


  1. The pictures look gorgeous – i like the long white dresses at the door. We did our own wedding too and enjoyed it!

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  5. Just read the first part of the DIY Wedding post and came straight here. Thank you for sharing these valuable details. Looking forward to exploring your blog!

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