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Amande Courbes Exquisites, L’Occitane


Do you remember that my legs were almost photoshopped during our last trip to Portimao? (You can read the story here) A lovely L’Occitane massage therapist manage to make my legs look at their best. It was almost a miracle. After the Almond reshape massage she gave me, my legs were lighter, the skin was smoother and I felt great. So I bought the product, of course. Sophia, the therapist, told me how to apply it and I left the spa happy and optimistic. Today, I wanted to show you this amazing product and tell you something: buy it!
First reason: it smells amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Apparently it works better if you apply it before going to sleep, so your sheets will smell amazing too. Score!
Second reason: It works. Of course you are not going to achieve Giselle’s legs just by applying this lotion. They will still be your legs. But smoother and lighter. And they will smell amaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Wait, I’ve said that before. But it’s true. So I guess that if it works for a lazy person like me, it will do wonders for those of you who run or work out everyday. (Are you one of those people who run and work out everyday? How do you do it? Tell me please!!!)
I highly recommend this product. To be honest, it’s the best of its kind that I’ve ever tried. You can buy it here. And if you happen to see a L’Occitane Spa, jump right in and ask for an Almond reshape massage. You won’t regret it. You can find out if there’s a L’Occitane Spa in your city here.


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