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Lazy sunny days in Portimao


Finally, here you have our Portuguese photo diary!!! I warn you: this post is all about sun, food, sea and good massages. It doesn’t get deeper than that!

We would start our days walking running on the lonely Praia da Rocha. Since the tide was really low, we could jump from one beach to another through the cavities on the rocks. I felt like living inside The Goonies (amazing film, by the way).


Look! An elefant! ;P



There we are… Adidas girls! Similar versions here and nicer versions here.

Afraif of losing any calories, we would compensate the walk run with a lavish breakfast with a view.


Afterwards we would head quickly to the swimming pool, our true home during our whole vacation.

We tried every single one of the sunbeds. We were on a mission: find the best place to sunbathe… and avoid an old couple that smoked all the time.
One day we pretended to work a little…

No way. I even couldn’t read… I would sip my Diet Coke and just look at the palm trees, the sea, my feet, the sky…




Oh! and I would spent a fair amount of time looking at this :)


Sometimes we would have some light lunch at the pool bar… Or just save our stomachs for fantastic dinners.


On Friday and Sunday we had two incredible massages at L’Occitane Spa. They were simply amaaaaaazing. My first massage was a reshape almond treatment and it really worked! I was so surprised!! The truth is that I have lost my faith when in comes to my legs. They do their job: I can stand and walk and kick someone if needed, but they don’t look good. But! After this massage my legs looked photoshoped!!! I bought the product that Sophia, the lovely therapist, told me. I’m using it every day since then. We’ll see if it works withouth her professional hands, but it sure smells amazing. My second massage was a relaxing aromachologie massage and I have to say that even though I never know what to do during a massage, this time I felt relaxed and was able to almost really enjoy it.

So basically this was our routine:



Swimming pool…


And lovely dinners…



That day I felt daring and tried mixing prints with my clutch and my pajama pants. The star was my ring, obviously, the Facette by AB line. I chose a simple white tee too calm down the print festival.


We found this amazing tiny restaurant right by the beach, called Atlantico. They served super fresh fish, grilled mostly, with vegetables and a lovely buttery sauce. The staff was incredibly nice, the food was beyond fantastic and the views were lovely.
One night (we ate there two nights) there was a family celebrating a baby girl bithday and the staff turned off the light so that the girl could blow out the candles in the best atmosphere. We all sang Happy Birthday together. It was touching and fun: a multilingual happy bithday, first shyly but we ended clapping our hands! Afterwards the little girl gave every table a pice of cake. We loved it. But don’t be fooled.. we ate the dessert that we have ordered too, of course. The most incredible strawberries with vanilla ice. Tip: if you visit the South of Portugal around May, eat as much strawberries as possible. They are delicious!

Every night we would enjoy a fancy cocktail at the hotel bar. My cocktail of choice was the Strawberry bite. The strawberies were incredibly good and well, it had strawberries so it was healthy, right?

It was the perfet way to finish a loooong day of relax and fun!


PS. In case you’ve been wondering and you don’t follow us (please, follow us!) we stayed at the marvellous hotel Bela Vista. You can read our review here.
PS II: Remember that our readers have a 5% discount in all the AB line rings until 11th June with the code TSP3A90. Enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness. This just sounds like my perfect life! I’m sitting here at work now craving sunny skies, swimming pools and diet coke…! Really really enjoyed reading this and will read more x Would love if you would have a look at my blog in return.

    The perks of being a hipster

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  3. antoniobayonajewellery says

    We love it, we love it! It looks like the perfect trip! xx

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