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Temporary cool


We have tattoos. We don’t look like people who have tattos, but we have tattos. I have two, she has one. I actually regret having them done but, oh well! I was at university and I made them with two of my best friends, so I guess they will always remind me of that time when I was completely lost but had lots of reckless fun with my friends.
The thing is that I’ve always thought about having another tattoo done. I guess it’s like a drug: once you start, you need more! She wants to have another tatto too… But I always have doubts.
So when I discovered temporary tattoos I was super excited!!! Look at that picture, cool huh? And without the pain and the oh my God it’s never going away and that part of my body will probably look fluffier in a couple of years feeling.


Skin feelings offers sweet super cool kits with nice words and tiny symbols. Their Wanderlust kit is my favourite, for obvious reasons.


Tattly on the other hand, gives you the chance of being fun, colourful and über hipster. An eggplant? Check! A loving robot? Check! A hug? Check!


Which will you prefer? I love them all! So fun!!!


  1. I really love tattoos but on others, not on myself. I just have a thing for natural skin and I am not for having anything on my skin for the rest of my life. Anyways, awesome tattoos :) x

    Fashion Landscape

    • Thanks for your comment, Laura! We love natural skin too, that’s why I regret a little bit having my tattoos done. Anyway, this temporary tattoos are cool, right?

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