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The perfect Spring lips


I love lipstick because it’s the one thing you need to bright up your face. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the sun shines and the days are longer, there’s nothing easier and more flattering than a high pony tail, big sunglasses and a bright lipstick.
Here you have my favourite Spring lipsticks and a little trick that will make you look gorgeous immediately.


First, you need to apply Clarins Natural lip perfector. This product will give you slightly fuller lips and will improve any small imperfections. Then, define the contour of your lips with a tiny amount of YSL Touch Éclat and highlight your Cupid’s bow. I repeat: tiny. You don’t want to make the contour look all bright and make a huge contrast with your lips. A tiny amount will really enhance your lips. Believe me.

Now it’s time to choose your favourite shade!


I love Clarins Rouge Prodige in Sunset. It’s a light coral with the right amount of shimmer. I use it for everyday looks and apply it with my fingers to make it look more natural. Since I’m quite pale not all coral tones look good on me. Well, this one does. Or that’s what I believe!


This is my statement colour for lovely Spring evenings. Chanel Rouge Coco in Cambon. It’s the perfect bright matte pink. Use a lip brush for a more polished look or again your fingers for that cute bitten lips effect.


And this was a surprise for me. I found this little lipstick in a drugstore and bought it with lots of prejudices because it was insultingly cheap. But it was the same exact colour as my all time favourite shade from MAC. So I had to give it a try. My beloved MAC lipstick was part of a special edition make up palette and it was obviously discontinued. Sad face. To my surprise, Essence has this very very very similar shade, called More to love. I used it at home the first time and prayed that my lips wouldn’t fall off my face. It was that cheap. But they didn’t. They stayed there looking gorgeous with that lovely natural blush colour!!!

So remember: high pony tail, sun glasses and a tad of lipstick and your’re good to go! Here’s to natural beauty!

PS. Summer nails


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