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Weekend Style Icons: Eugenia Silva


Today we introduce you our very first Weekend style icon. Every week we will choose someone whose casual style is remarkable. We think casual is what really defines style. It’s quite easy to look fantastic with a designer piece and a pair of sophisticated heels, but there are people that look just perfect with a simple pair of jeans and a tee shirt. Maybe they accessorize it differently, maybe they choose the right colour palette… we don’t know why but they just rock it! Besides, we love casual! Even more at weekends, don’t you? So here you have our first weekend style icon: Spanish model Eugenia Silva.


We adore her style. She is gorgeous (that helps, let’s face it) and has an amazing allure. In her blog, All about eu, she shows her charming casual style (and stunning sophisticated looks too). We love her collection of flats, her flawless use of earth tones and the way she layers cashmere sweaters and light masculine coats. That’s one of the things we love the most: sometimes she adds that subtle tomboyish touch to her looks. It could be a pair of brogues, a nice hat ot a shirt from the men department. We absolutely love it.

Her love for natural style reflects in her make up too. Soft colours, just a touch of mascara… She uses the basics to enhace her features with no complications. Pure beauty.


Images via All about eu

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