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Summer nails


I hate nail art. I know it’s something that everyone is loving nowadays, but I hate it. I find it a little bit tacky and for someone like me, who just likes red, pink and coral shades in her nails, it’s just too much.

Even though I’m quite classic when it comes to my nails, in Summer I go a little bit crazier, just like everyone else, and go for brighter shades and I even love a little bit of dark blue on my toes. These are my favourite nail polishes for Summer, if you’d like to see.


Coral is my absolute favourite colour for Spring /Summer nails. When our skin is a little bit tanned, coral shades are specially flattering. During Spring I love Orange Fizz by Chanel. It’s just the prettiest colour (though the quality of Chanel polishes is not my fave, as I told you here). This is the perfect pale coral, a bit shimmering, fresh, fun… just what I need when the days are longer. It’s like a Summer preview!
And when Summer finally arrives I love Essie’s Capri. A brighter shade of coral that lights up your tan and looks perfect.

Used with caution, fuchsia is a great option for Summer too. It’s quite an statement so I would avoid using it when wearing edgy dark outfits. Nonetheless, it’s just wonderful to add a little bit of sparkle to a pastel colour Spring outfit. Essie’s Jam N’ Jelly is fun, bright and really girly. Sephora’s Dinner for 2, on the other hand, has a more polished finish and looks more sophisticated.


And last but not least, Essie’s Dive Bar is the colour I choose to make my feet stand out paired with embellished sandals. It’s my go to colour for Summer nights and it looks amazing with any metallic shade.

Which are your nail polishes for this season?  What do you think about the new collections? Any favourites?


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