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Soin remodelant ventre – taille, Clarins


We try to work out, we really do. For a short period of time we even went running a couple of days every week. But… oh well! We love our sofa, enjoying cups of coffee in Winter and fresh drinks al fresco in Summer… and we are always really lazy busy when it comes to visit the gym. So when the weather gets nicer and we don’t have our beloved coats to cover us we go more Clarins-aholic than ever and try all their firming, contouring and slimming products. Now we have all our hopes pinned on this redefining body treatment for abdomen and waist. We’ll let you know!!

Do you like this kind of measures? I’m sure you all work out like crazy all year… right? ;)


    • Hi there, Virginia! We loooooove Clarins… but I have to admit this time it’s difficult:this product hasto fight against months of muffins and nights on the coach ;)
      Thanks for stopping by!
      E & P

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