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On how we can’t live without room service


Have you ever rent a house or an apartment for your holidays? We did twice and it was actually really nice, but I don’t know…. we tend to book hotels!! The thing is that when we’re planning a trip we usually look for accommodation both in vacation rentals websites and hotel booking websites but we always end up booking hotel rooms. Maybe it is because we don’t feel really safe renting a stranger’s house, or because we love having our bed made with crispy sheets every day, or because we love a good hotel breakfast, or because we are addicted to room service…

We always browse through Roomorama, Wimdu and Airbnb, which I particularly like because of its neighbourhood guides. Do you know any other sites? Have you got any tips? We’d love to know!!! Guys, we know you’re there because we see you in our stats, so leave a comment! You’ll make our day!

Image Marie Claire July 2010 via Solid frog.


  1. antoniobayonajewellery says

    I didn’t know about those sites! Good to know! x

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