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Hotel Balanguera, Palma de Mallorca


When we decided to visit Palma we were looking for a nice boutique hotel with personality. Being Palma such a tourist destination we didn’t want to end up in a huge hotel full of noisy drunk people. And we were lucky because we found a little gem. Hotel Balanguera is a heaven of peace with an impressive design.

The first thing that I noticed is that everything in this hotel is pretty. Even the receptionist. I have to say it: all the members of the staff were ridiculously good-looking. It was unbelievable! (One of them was not that helpful, but he sure looked gorgeous). One morning we saw a maintenance guy and he looked like a model! True story!

Our room was beautiful. Simple, rustic, minimalistic, quiet, mediterranean… perfect. I think I can say this was my favourite hotel room ever. I’ve been to all kinds of hotels, but this room was the best. Not at all opulent, just comfortable, simply charming and perfect for a night of rest. We couldn’t hear a sound, it was like a white little cosy nest.




The bathroom was lovely and full of nice little details. I wanted to take home that sink. It was heavy, though.


The hotel has a fantastic terrace with a little swimming pool and loungers to relax. The time we spent there was a total highlight of our trip.  We were completely alone reading and napping, there was soft background music… life’s good!



We loved breakfast. It was served in a huge family style table and it was full of fresh baked pastries (my personal favourite), several types of bread, cold meats, cheese, nuts, yoghurt, juices… everything natural and organic. I loved that they offered fresh mint and rosemary, such a nice touch!







Although the hotel doesn’t have a restaurant, they have a nice international room service menu. Sadly, we didn’t order room service this time. They do offer some drinks in the bar at the lobby, which is like a cosy living room with hand made cushions, a fireplace, a library with plenty of books to read, sofas and wonderful contemporary wall art.



If you are looking for something special, this is your place. The only thing that I didn’t love is the location, a ten to fifteen minute walk to the city center and the promenade. But after those huge breakfasts you can use a nice walk, so it’s fine ;)

PS: our Mallorca photo diary.


  1. What a wonderful find! It’s so nice to stay somewhere a bit different, and not just feel like ‘another tourist’. That breakfast spread looks absolutely divine, I hope you enjoyed sampling all the pastries :D
    x x

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