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We need this! AfterDRK collection


Sabrina Meijer is one of our favourite bloggers, she’s been on our blogroll for years. Her clean, simple, avant-garde style is unique. She really is different from the rest of the fashion bloggers who wear everything that is trendy. She has a strong sense of style and we admire her for that.

So when we saw a little AfterDRK label on Instagram we felt super curious and excited. Was she creating her own collection?

Yesterday we saw the result of her collaboration with and we loved it. We think it reflects perfectly her style… and we know what we’re talking because we check out her updates every day!
Basic, minimalistic pieces with clean cuts. Nothing superficial, just pure cool. We specially love everything white in her collection. Can we glimpse Celine influcences? Well, we can sure picture her wearing each of one of these pieces with a tiny necklace and her signature messy hair.
You can buy it here.


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