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Mallorca photo diary

Last week we spent a few days in Mallorca and although the weather wasn’t as good as we had expected we had a great time. We came to the conclusion that there is a German cloud that follows us everywhere we go. Some people have pets, we have a cloud.

Anyway, here you have some pictures and recommendations if you’d like to see…

We stayed at the coolest hotel ever (stay tuned, more information on Friday ;) Every morning we would have the best breakfast, the “ufff… I’m not eating until dinner” kind of breakfast. Obviously, we ate our lunch every day, but you get the picture (yeah, we ate/eat a LOT).

On Friday morning we went for a walk and wandered around the little streets of Palma’s old town. We visited the tiny garden of the Arab Baths. It was beautiful. Tip: next to the Arab Baths you will find a wonderfull collection of engravings by Salvador Dali in Museo Can Morey de Santmartí.




We spent the afternoon in the hotel, reading magazines and napping next to the swimming pool. No pictures, sorry. We were napping and reading, I’ve told you. After a nice shower we were relaxed and… hungry. So we headed to Santa Catalina neighbourhood for dinner. This charming area is placed behind Es Baluard, the most important museum of contemporary art in Palma. In Santa Catalina you will find lots of restaurants and terraces, where you will eat amazing food surrounded by locals. We highly recommend El pa amb oli, a beautiful little restaurant with traditional Majorcan food and excellent friendly service. This great restaurant is located in La Fábrica, a wonderful pedestrian street. We ate a lot, even the owner was surprised. The Crema catalana was superb! And don’t get me started on the bread and cold meats… And the cheese, oh the cheese!

And after that… Mojitos!

One day we took a bus and headed to Soller, a nice village in the mountains. Tip: Mallorca has a nice public transport service. You can rent a car too, but there are buses and trains that connect almost every village and town of the island.
We headed to Soller harbour and we were mesmerized. It was beyond beautiful. Well, there were some buildings which could be consider landscape terrorists, but in general the little harbour was quiet and sunny, just like a postcard.
We climbed the little streets of the village enjoying the views and talking about our plans, our hopes, our fears… what and where we were going to eat afterwards…

When suddenly we faced the sea in one of the most incredible viewpoints we’ve ever been. Mirador de Santa Catalina. Pictures don’t do it justice. The only words that come to my mind to describe it are wild and lonely. It seemed like the perfect place to think, to have a moment of your own. The wind, the sea, the silence… it was perfect.

All in all it was a perfect getaway from our routine. Mallorca’s light is invigorating and it makes you feel powerful and full of energy. We miss it already!




  1. antoniobayonajewellery says

    Tranquilas, las fotos han salido soleadas, jeje De todas formas, nublado o no, el paisaje es precioso! Y la comida ni te cuento…. Qué envidia!

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