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mmm… Monday! Walnut cake


This is not a pretty cake. But it tastes sooooo good, so we can say its beauty lies within ;) Paired with a cup of strong coffe it would be perfect for your Monday breakfast. Because of its main ingredients, walnuts and eggs, it’s super nutritious and it will help you to start your week full of energy and joy.

You will need:
8 eggs
250 gr. sugar (prepare 200 gr. sugar in a bowl and the other 50 gr. in a smaller bowl because you will need them separately)
250 gr. walnuts (ground finely)
The juice of one lemon
25 gr. butter


First beat the egg yolks and the 200 gr. of sugar together until you get a white cream. Add the lemon juice and the walnuts. Now mix everything carefully.

On a separate bowl, whip up the egg whites and add the remaining 50 gr. of sugar. Now, mix one third of the whipped egg whites with the egg yolks and walnuts dough until thoroughly blended. Finally just add the rest of the whipped eggs but don’t work it too much.

Butter a 22 cm. round cake pan and pour the dough carefully. Bake in a preheated 190º oven during one hour. Let it cool and decorate with powder sugar.

And enjoy!


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